How to use Totem Hero in the Castle Clash Android and iOS

What the hero totem? Hero totem is a trap / trap use / exploit skill hero. With totem hero you can activate a wide range of skill hero is placed inside. The way it works is very simple when the enemy entered into the area of outreach, the totem will automatically use the skill hero is placed in it. This trap is one of the latest defense equipment base in the game castle clash mod apk (US) Android in version 1.2.83 that was released in March 2016. This time create clasher homeland is also available castle clash

How do I use totem hero ?

It’s easy clasher buddy, pal only have to meet the following requirements :

1. It reached the town hall 16 (required)

2. Have a backup whiz what can you put in it either from the type Ordineri, Elite or Legendary.

After fulfilling some of the requirements above, my friend just follow the installation instructions as illustrated below

1. Access shop

2. Select defenses, and scroll a little to the right of the screen, then select the hero totem
3. Then put totemnya wherever a suitable mate flavor. Try to place the most potential to infiltrate into the enemy base. Customize it with the strategy and the formation of base that my friend use. Same way by installing a tower or other buildings. Just select and drag anywhere a mate choice.

4. Place one hero who has the skill according to the most stable mate. As an example the following figure,

In the image above, I use Pixie as a totem. why pixie has a skill debuff, which is devoted to the enemy traps that use Pumpkin Duke or Skull Knight as the core strategy of attack. Well, my friend can choose other whiz as a totem. Santa, Immo, Vlad, is a hero who has a deadly skill, and chance if my friend had the whiz-whiz friend could use their idle.

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